Washington DC Center of Self-Realization Fellowship

Social Events

Our Center holds numerous social activities to provide devotees an opportunity to deepen friendships and share in divine fellowship with each other. This is an ideal opportunity for newcomers to our Center to meet and connect with other devotees.

The social events include our monthly luncheon and social, which typically occurs on the second Sunday of the month following the morning services. Check our calendar. Some lunches are potluck and others are catered Indian food.

The fellowship portion of the event includes conversation, viewing SRF videos, and celebrating special events, such as Paramahansa’s birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Other social events include volunteering during Service Days, fund raising events and outings to local attractions during SRF monastic visits to our Center.

Self-Realization means ‘to know the Self as soul, made in the image of God.’ Fellowship stands for ‘fellowship with God, first, and through Him, fellowship with man.’ As soon as we learn in meditation to love God, we shall love all mankind as we love our own family….I hope you will all remember this fellowship, this divine friendship with all Truth-seeking souls, and practice it with one another.