Washington DC Center of Self-Realization Fellowship


FOR SUNDAY, February 23, 2020

It is our pleasure to announce that Self-Realization Fellowship monastic disciples will be visiting Washington, D.C., April 3–5, 2020, to meet with members and friends of Paramahansa Yoganandaji’s spiritual family.

During this weekend there will be inspirational programs, meditation classes, and a Kriya Yoga initiation. We hope you will be able to join us for this time of divine fellowship—a wonderful opportunity to commune with God and Gurus, and to delve deeper in the understanding and practice of Paramahansaji’s teachings. Even if you cannot come for the whole weekend, we would be glad to have you with us for any of these events. Tour Information and the Schedule of Events can be found on the SRF website: https://yogananda.org/washington-tour For further information, please call (718) 902-4486.

We are organizing teams to assist with the event and are looking for volunteers for these various teams. The teams are Marketing, Usher, Greeter/New Member Registration, Audio-Visual, Setup and Take-Down, Photography, Flowers, Book Sales, and Kriya. Please sign the sign-up sheet in the foyer or the volunteer form sent in a blast email if interested. You can also email Gauri (Prakash_canjels@yahoo.com) and Jackie (Jtvalone@gmail.com) expressing your interest in serving. All are welcome to serve.

There is a Center Tour Volunteer Meeting today (Feb 23rd) immediately after the Reading Service. All those who have volunteered for this event, please try to attend. We are grateful to you for your willingness to serve. Any person who has not yet volunteered and would like to do so, please attend this meeting. Lunch will be provided.

If you are interested in having a wedding or christening during the monastic visit in April please sign the sheet in the foyer.

On March 7th we will hold a special commemorative ceremony from 7:30-9:00 PM to honor the Mahasamadhi of our beloved Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. Please bring a flower and a donation in an envelope as symbols of your loyalty and devotion. Extra flowers and envelopes are available on a donation basis in the lobby. This service is primarily intended for those who are SRF students, or other devotees who regularly attend the SRF meetings. However, all are welcome who are well enough acquainted with SRF teachings to appreciate the significance of the Guru disciple relationship, and to participate in the service with sincerity and reverence.

The nominating committee has sent everyone a blast email to seek nominations for our April elections, where we will vote for members to fill the elected positions of Council Members, Service Readers, and Sunday School Teachers and Assistants. Please respond, whether you are able to serve or not. Otherwise, the Nominating Committee will contact you via a follow-up phone call. There is also a sign up sheet in the foyer.

When you go to an SRF temple or center, let it be for one purpose: to be with God. Do not go for the words, do not go for the singing. Go to feel His presence by meditation!