Washington DC Center of Self-Realization Fellowship



There will be a woman’s Kriyaban retreat the weekend of October 24th-27th at the SRF Greenfield Retreat in Front Royal, Virginia. The retreats will be from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. If you wish to attend or contact Greenfield directly (540-635-5066). Further information can be found on Greenfields web site.

We are looking forward to celebrating Halloween with the Sunday School children on October 27, 2019, right after the Sunday School class at noon in the Social Room. The Seniors are taking the responsibility of putting together the party activities. Mitalee Sharma, will be organizing this with help from the seniors, but we really need additional parent and teacher volunteers. Please check with Mitalee or Sally if you are willing to serve,

We will also need help from you with Halloween decorations, party activities and candy. We will decorate on 10/20/2019, noon to 12:30 pm. Please bring any Halloween decorations, decorative lights, dark-colored bed sheets or light spreads, candy, and any Halloween games that you might have. We hope to create a haunted house with dark sheets, lights, and a fog machine. Guruji loved Halloween celebrations, and we hope to make this a great one with your help.

Our next 4 hour meditation will be Saturday October 19th from 10-2:00 PM.

When you go to an SRF temple or center, let it be for one purpose: to be with God. Do not go for the words, do not go for the singing. Go to feel His presence by meditation!