Washington DC Center of Self-Realization Fellowship



The memorial service for David Maron that was scheduled for today has been cancelled. If and when the family decides to reschedule this service, we will let you know. Br. Nikhilananda & Br. Ekananda have sent their condolences to the Center in a letter that can be found on the bulletin board in the foyer.

We will have a general business meeting after the reading service next Sunday, January 26th. The purpose of this meeting is to select members to serve on the nominating team for this year’s election. Lunch will be provided.

Washington DC Center is looking forward to hosting the Self-Realization Fellowship Center Tour on April 3 -5, 2020. We are organizing teams to assist with the event and are looking for volunteers for these various teams. The teams are Marketing, Usher, Greeter/New Member Registration, Audio-Visual, Setup and Take-Down, Photography, Flowers, Book Sales, and Kriya. Please sign the sign-up sheet in the foyer or the volunteer form sent in a blast email if interested. You can also email Gauri (Prakash_canjels@yahoo.com) and Jackie (Jtvalone@gmail.com) expressing your interested in serving. All are welcome to serve.

The renovation of the downstairs foyer/hallway and bathrooms will commence this coming Monday, January 20 and continue through the end of January. During this period, the downstairs bathrooms will be closed, and we will use instead the upstairs bathrooms. We may also have to enter the chapel through the outside chapel exit doors and access the upstairs bathrooms via the monk’s stairwell, and the social room through the exit door in that room. We will try to place signs to help locate these exits and entrances next week.

The next 4-hour meditation will be held next Saturday January 25th from 10 AM to 2 PM.

When you go to an SRF temple or center, let it be for one purpose: to be with God. Do not go for the words, do not go for the singing. Go to feel His presence by meditation!