Washington DC Center of Self-Realization Fellowship

Building Renovation

Our current building was acquired by SRF Mother Center on April 15, 2009, through funds donated by the members of the Washington DC Center of SRF. The mid-1960s era building requires extensive renovations to turn it into an up-to-date SRF Center.

In February 2016, we completed demolition and major renovations to the downstairs east side of the building to create a completely new temporary chapel with 88 seats, a new flower room and a new handicap accessible bathroom. Other areas of the building, though not renovated, have been modified to provide a new enlarged social room and warming kitchen, new bookroom, Sunday School classrooms and new infants and toddlers room.

To provide spiritual support to Paramahansaji’s ever-expanding family and with SRF Mother Center’s guidance, further renovation plans are being researched to add living quarters for visiting monastics, new class rooms, a new social room, an enlarged and more beautiful chapel space and to add a beautiful façade to the building’s exterior.

The renovations will be funded by members and friends of the Washington DC Center of SRF through donations to our building fund.

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Renovations currently completed:

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